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Capital Improvements

ReWa Developments and WRRF Expansions



Major Capital Projects

Basin Planning: ReWa is updating its master plan, which includes creating a hydraulic model for the entire collection system and highlighting projections for future capacity. Four WRRF collection system basin plans will be completed in 2015 and the remaining four will be completed in 2016. Future growth is predicted by meeting with subdistricts, counties, ACOG, and other local groups to project where they feel growth will occur. The future growth projections are run within the hydraulic model to predict future capacity needs and capital expenditure projects over the next 20 years.

Downtown Conveyance Project: The need for this project was initially discovered during the 2008 Master Plan developed by Brown & Caldwell who identified the lack of future capacity in the two main trunk lines coming from Travelers Rest thru downtown Greenville.  The 2008 Master Plan stated that a third trunk line would be needed in the future.  The 2013 Reedy River Basin Study prepared by Weston & Sampson hydraulically evaluated this new pipeline option along with options for upstream storage and tunnel construction to handle these future flows. This feasibility study consists of analyzing, developing alternatives, preparing cost estimates and performing risk analyses for the Downtown Greenville Future Conveyance Project.

Flow Monitoring: ReWa currently has 70 permanent flow monitors, 22 cell-based flow monitors, 2 flodars, 10-15 “shelf” or “temporary” flow monitors that provide daily data on the amount of flow in particular areas within the infrastructure. ReWa also installs temporary monitors to assist subdistricts with their assessment of flow and monitoring. In certain areas, ReWa performs in-house studies to identify potential sources of I & I.

Reclaimed Water Projects: Conestee Reclaimed Water Project: This project has been designed and easement acquisition is currently underway. ReWa plans to complete a Preliminary Engineering Report to submit to the State Revolving Fund (SRF) program in order to receive funding in the early summer. ReWa is also updating the Mauldin Road WRRF reclaimed water hydraulic model to determine appropriate sizing of the reclaimed water lines. Reclaimed Water to Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) area: This project has been previously designed, and ReWa will begin easement acquisition within the next month.  The SRF process and hydraulic model efforts mentioned above in the Conestee project will include the CU-ICAR reclaimed waterline.

Pump Stations: ReWa has installed a mission box on every pump station that has pump run time data and start time data which aids staff in operations, planning and maintenance. There are currently multiple pump station elimination projects in the works: State Park, Peppertree 1 and 2, Simpsonville B, Dunwoody and River Oaks.

The Force Main Assessment Program: This program will help staff to prioritize and rank our force main infrastructure using a risk based scoring system. The risk based analysis will be developed with key criteria and associated weighting to identify at-risk force mains.

Cancer Survivor Park: Many community partners, including: The City of Greenville, ReWa, Naturaland Trust, Upstate Forever, Greenville Health System and Bon Secours St. Francis Health System have joined together to provide a space in the Upstate where friends, loved ones and family members of cancer survivors could journey with those affected by cancer to a peaceful, therapeutic experience. This site will allow patients and their loved ones to connect to the resources and support necessary to become actively engaged in living with cancer and focus on reclaiming control of their lives. The Cancer Survivors Park (CSP) will be located on a 6.8 acre site along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in downtown Greenville. It will occupy the space below the Chamber of Commerce building, some of which is owned by ReWa and leased to the CSP, stretching from the edge of Falls Park at Church Street to the edge of Cleveland Park at the Cleveland Street Bridge. The purpose of the Cancer Survivors Park is to provide a place of respite and rejuvenation, inspiration, education, hope, and celebration for anyone touched by cancer.

ReWa Laboratory Building: The current laboratory facility is antiquated and in need of substantial repairs therefore a new facility is currently being explored. This capital improvement project would provide ReWa with a new state of the art laboratory facility that will serve as a multi-purpose facility for years into the future.