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Serving the Upstate by Promoting a Cleaner Environment

About Inflow and Infiltration

Ensuring a Clean Environment for Future Generations

The diagram below demonstrates Inflow and Infiltration (I & I). This occurs when rainwater and groundwater enter the sewer system. When I & I is mixed with wastewater, the incoming flow to the receiving water resource recovery facility (WRRF) can double or even triple. In addition, excessive I & I reduces the carrying capacity of the sewer lines, which can lead to overflowing manholes that expose our community to pollutants. Removing extra water from the collections system helps 1) reduce the need to build new WRRF in the future, 2) reduce the potential for property damage, and 3) ensure a clean environment for future generations.

Sewer utilities across the country are facing challenges including the need for increased system capacity and the ability to meet stricter state and federal environmental regulations. ReWa is well positioned to deal with these challenges and is partnering with subdistricts to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to sustain future economic growth.


ReWa works with its 18 public partners to maintain the sewer systems and combat I & I with an Upstate-wide reduction program. The program includes flow-monitoring, periodic sewer line and manhole inspections, and active repair and rehabilitation programs. To learn more, you can download ReWa’s I & I White Paper or view a sample agreement or a sample work plan.