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SC Chamber Safety Awards (for CY 2017)

The Safety Awards are presented annually based on companies achieving a commendable lost workday case rate during the previous calendar year. Departments recognized:

  • ReWa Administration
  • ReWa Collection System
  • ReWa Customer Service
  • ReWa Durbin Creek WRRF
  • ReWa Engineering
  • ReWa Finance
  • ReWa Georges Creek WRRF
  • ReWa Gilder Creek WRRF
  • ReWa Information Systems
  • ReWa Instrumentation
  • ReWa Laboratory
  • ReWa Lower Reedy WRRF
  • ReWa Maintenance Shop
  • ReWa Mauldin Rd WRRF
  • ReWa Pelham WRRF
  • ReWa Piedmont Regional WRRF
  • ReWa Pretreatment
  • ReWa Purchasing
  • ReWa Solids Management