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Dig Greenville 

Dig Greenville is the name for a wastewater conveyance project that will address some of the county’s 100 year sewage needs. It will feature a gravity sewer tunnel that will be 100 feet below ground spanning from Westfield Street to Cleveland Park.

An informational community meeting was held Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 6 p.m. at United Community Bank to discuss the Dig Greenville project. View the meeting notes.

Past Community Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 08/29/17

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gravity sewer tunnel and why is ReWa using it?

A gravity sewer tunnel conveys wastewater using no mechanical equipment. ReWa initially studied eighteen project alternatives for this project and we chose this design because it features the lowest life-cycle cost and the least impact on the public. The tunnel is bored from one end, resulting in surface impact only at either end of the tunnel, rather than all along the sewer route if conventional construction methods were used.

Why does this project need to happen now?

The current system for the Reedy River Basin, which affects downtown Greenville all the way to Travelers Rest, is nearing capacity. If nothing is done, ReWa’s sewer lines, and the area along the Reedy River, would be at higher risk for the environmental impact of sewer overflows. Furthermore, economic development could grind to a halt because nothing more could be added to the sewer lines.

 What is the time frame for construction?dig-greenville-front-side

We expect to break ground in early 2018. Actual construction will take approximately 30 months.

How will ReWa continue to engage the community throughout the project?

ReWa believes in sharing with the community. We are creating social media and web pages dedicated to the project; sharing information at community meetings; speaking to community groups; engaging the media and giving updates via newsletters and e-blasts. To sign up for the Dig Greenville newsletter, click here.

 What areas will be affected by construction?

Very few. There will be a staging area near Westfield Street and a staging area near Cleveland Park/ Greenville Zoo.

What will the tunnel look like?

This underground tunnel, 10 feet in diameter, will be drilled through the rock. Once that is completed, a corrosion resistant fiberglass pipe (7 feet in diameter) will be installed inside the tunnel, and then the space between the pipe and tunnel wall will be grouted.

What safety precautions are being taken? 

Fencing will be installed around the perimeter of both construction sites to prevent public entry.

Will there be a smell? 

We do not anticipate any odors associated with the tunnel construction.

Who can I call if there is an emergency? 

Call ReWa emergency hotline at 864-299-4004.

For more information or if you have additional questions, call Ashley Rhinehart at 864-299-4000 ext 283 or Stacey Flax at 864-299-4000 ext 279.

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