In 2019, we launched an Affordability Program to offer qualifying customers temporary financial support in paying for wastewater services. The benefits of this program are explained below.


Our Customer Financial Assistance Program is managed by the Salvation Army and designed to provide temporary financial assistance to eligible ReWa and Greenville Water customers. In this program, the Salvation Army works with our customers to pay outstanding water bills and restore wastewater services. The Salvation Army also offers budget and life skill training to equip customers enrolled in this program with financial management skills for the future.

Interested in our Customer Financial Assistance program? Call the Greenville Salvation Army at (864) 235–4803 to speak to an associate about enrollment.

*The continuation of this offering is evaluated by ReWa on an annual basis

The Affordable Housing New Account Fee uses grant funds to decrease ReWa’s current New Account Fee by 50 percent for housing identified as “affordable” by either the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority or the Greenville Community Development Division of the City of Greenville.

For 2020, we’ve authorized grant funds for 100 qualifying affordable housing units in both Greenville County and the City of Greenville.

*The continuation of this offering is evaluated by ReWa on an annual basis