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Introducing Dig Greenville

Posted November 17, 2016 in Articles

dig-greenville-logo-cmykAs you may have heard, seen or read in the media this week, Renewable Water Resources is embarking on a massive project that will handle Greenville County’s water and sewage needs for decades to come.

It is Dig Greenville.  This $49 million project will create a sewer tunnel that will be 100 feet below ground spanning from Hudson Street to Cleveland Park. This tunnel will be created using a special drill that will bore underneath downtown Greenville for 36 months.

While actual construction won’t start until early 2018, ReWa will be doing design and preliminary work over the next few months.

Dig Greenville is needed because the current system for the Reedy River Basin, which affects downtown Greenville all the way to Travelers Rest, is nearing capacity. If nothing is done, economic development would grind to a halt because nothing could be added to the sewer lines.

ReWa believes in sharing information with the community. To do so, we plan to post updates on our Dig Greenville Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our web page; share information at community meetings; engage the media and give updates via newsletters. You can also continue to check out our blog for updates.

We will use state-of-the-art equipment for geotechnical monitoring. We will work with the City of Greenville and SCDOT to develop traffic control plans for pedestrians and vehicles. Each staging area will be properly secured and fenced to keep the general public away from the construction activities.

ReWa is very excited to be starting this project and we hope you will be as well!