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The successful candidate for this position requires a Professional Engineer’s License and five (5) years of relevant experience; master’s degree in Engineering or related field preferred; must possess a valid state driver’s license; excellent organization, management and leadership skills required in managing professional personnel; demonstration of outstanding communication, interpersonal skills and able to communicate effectively with diverse groups using tact and diplomacy; ability to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions; project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of established goals; must demonstrate the ability to be strategic, creative, conceptualize, and manage people and programs; must demonstrate the use of advanced professional-level work methods and practices in the analysis, coordination or interpretation of work of an engineering, legal, managerial or scientific nature and the ability to formulate important recommendations or make technical decisions that have an organization-wide impact; requires sustained, intense concentration for accurate results and continuous exposure to sustained, unusual pressure. The selected candidate will plan, direct and oversee the management of all assigned areas of ReWa; serve as technical and regulatory advisor to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer; provide expert-level technical assistance to all ReWa business areas; guide the agency’s formal 20-Year strategic technical planning process (Upstate Roundtable Plan); guide agency’s capital planning and implementation process assuring reliable and sustainable infrastructure for ReWa’s facilities and operating systems; lead agency’s wet weather and capacity assurance programs and assure proper customer service and community relations; supervise subordinate professional and managerial staff; supervisory duties include instructing, planning and assigning work, reviewing work, maintaining standards, coordinating activities, recommending new employees, allocating personnel, acting on employee problems, recommending and implementing employee discipline and recommending discharge as appropriate; evaluate the performance of subordinate staff; offer advice and assistance as needed; provide for the adequate training, coaching, and professional development of staff; continuously evaluate the successional readiness of staff with the organization; develop and administer capital and operating budgets for assigned divisions and departments; ensure effective and efficient use of budgeted funds, personnel, materials, facilities and time in a manner that displays integrity and ensures public trust; develop and implement policies, procedures and standards for the efficient, effective and strategic management of the organization; determine division and departmental goals and objectives; develop and oversee the implementation of the agency’s strategic plan; assist in developing organization-wide goals and objectives; ensure division and department compliance and promote employee accountability with all applicable local, state and federal regulations; responsible for oversight to ensure integrity of ReWa service area and related operational agreements with other local governments; coordinate division and department activities and functions with those of other agency divisions, departments and outside agencies as appropriate; promote community partnerships that are in the best interest of ReWa and stakeholders; identify, develop and/or maintain technical procedures and codes to ensure compliance and accountability; prepare technical plans; identify resource requirements and propose new programs for agency consideration; actively seek and promote innovative solutions; coordinate effective working relationships among and between Technical Services Divisions and other departments, consultants, designers, and construction managers to ensure successful and timely project completion; promote unity among all ReWa divisions and departments; inspect projects in progress and daily Technical Services operations for compliance with policies, procedures, and standards of quality and safety; receive and respond to inquiries, concerns and complaints regarding Technical Services divisions and department programs, services and projects in a timely manner; provide information to ReWa staff, other agencies, and members of the public through both written communications and presentations; actively promote and demonstrate the values of ReWa; perform general administrative/clerical work as required, including but not limited to preparing reports and correspondence, entering and retrieving computer data, reviewing mail and literature, copying and filing documents, conducting meetings; attend department, agency, committee and other meetings as necessary; attend training, seminars and conferences, and conduct research to stay abreast of trends and resources in technical services management.

Renewable Water Resources offers a competitive salary and benefits. If you are interested in this position, please submit an online application with resume attached by Wednesday May 26, 2021 at www.rewaonline.org


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