Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) in the vicinity of Mauldin Road and Wenwood Road

Greenville, S.C. (June 7, 2018) — Renewable Water Resources (ReWa)was notified the afternoon of Thursday, June 07, 2018, of an SSO in the vicinity of Mauldin Road and Wenwood Road in Greenville, S.C. The cause of the SSO was determined to be a blockage caused by a combination of grease and rags that should not be discharged or flushed into the sewers. ReWa crews responded, along with crews from the City of Greenville, and have been able to clear the blockage. The affected water bodies include an unnamed tributary near the intersection of Wenwood Road and Mauldin Road, and the Reedy River downstream beginning at the Mauldin Road bridge. ReWa recommends avoiding all contact with affected waterways until testing is completed to confirm that the bacteria levels have returned to normal. The total estimated volume of the spill has not yet been determined. ReWa has notified the SC Department of Health & Environmental Control (SCDHEC). This SSO did not affect ReWa’s ability to provide sewer service to the area. ReWa crews, along with the City of Greenville, will be working to clean up the impacted areas. Caution signs are being posted in areas immediately downstream of the SSO. As more information is available, updates will be posted to