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Our Mission for Clean Water

Posted January 9, 2017 in Articles

Renewable Water Resources goal is to promote a cleaner environment, and to protect the public health and water quality of the Upstate waterways, while providing and developing the necessary sewer infrastructure for the growing economy. We serve more than 400,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers in Greenville County and parts of Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens and Laurens Counties.

As part of this continuing effort to promote a cleaner Upstate, we sometimes look inward. We spent a good part of the past year thinking about how to make our goals more in line with what we do every day. That led to ReWa creating a new mission statement:

“Enhancing our community’s quality of life by transforming wastewater into renewable resources through responsible and innovative solutions.”

The new vision statement is: “Through the passion of our workforce, ReWa will be a community partner and an industry leader safeguarding our water environment for future generations.”

We also created new core values of: Professionalism, Unity, Integrity and Trust, Safety, Accountability and Dedication. This is about making sure the employees of ReWa never forget that our missions and values always need to be focused on what makes the Upstate great.