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As you might imagine, cleaning wastewater is both complex and expensive. Each day, approximately 44 million gallons of wastewater travel through a 343 mile interceptor system to eight Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs). At these WRRFs, the water is cleaned as it passes through a series of biological and chemical processes. Once the recycled water meets all state and federal environmental standards, ReWa currently returns the water to area rivers for future use.

All ReWa expenditures are funded through a combination of user fees, state revolving loans, and revenue debt issues. ReWa does not receive funds from local or state taxes. The incremental customer rate structure outlined below will help to cover ReWa’s increasing financial obligations, including expanding the system’s capacity to meet economic demand; rehabilitating and replacing aged sections of our current system; and continually making system improvements to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

The ReWa Board of Commissioners periodically reviews these requirements and considers modifications to the existing rates to meet these requirements, while still protecting ReWa’s investment in water resource recovery infrastructure and while considering ratepayer affordability.

Our rates enable us to serve over 133,000 customer accounts and maintain 343 miles of trunk line infrastructure.

Our rate schedule is defined in the table below:

Effective Date Monthly Base Fee* Volume Charges
Residential** Commercial** Industrial***
current rate $11.00 $5.61 $5.33 $5.61
01-01-2018 $12.00 $5.86 $5.57 $5.86
01-01-2020 $12.75 $6.21 $5.90 $6.21

An average household consumes approximately 4,000 gallons of water per month, which equates to the following monthly charge for the respective years:

Effective Date Base Volume Total
current rate $11.00 $22.44 $33.44
01-01-2018 $12.00 $23.44 $35.44
01-01-2020 $12.75 $24.88 $37.59


For more information, call Customer Service at 864-299-4000, or visit