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ReWa’s Six-Month Savings Program is a cost-saving program for residential customers, in which customers are automatically enrolled each year.

ReWa realizes that during the warmer months, there is an increase in outside water use (i.e. irrigation, swimming pools, etc.).  Most outside water use does not enter the sewer system and therefore does not require wastewater treatment.  ReWa’s Six-Month Savings Program offers customers a way to reduce wastewater treatment charges associated with outside water use. The six-month savings period begins after meters are read in April and ends when meters are read in October.

How does the Six-Month Savings Program work?

ReWa uses the average number of gallons each customer uses during the winter months (winter months begin after your meter is read in October and continue until your meter read in April) to establish the customer’s average use. This number is then set as the maximum amount the customer will be charged during the summer months.

What if I use less than my maximum amount?

If customers use less than their established maximum, they will only be charged for actual use.

Do I need to sign up for the Six-Month Savings Program?

ReWa automatically includes all residential accounts from participating Water Agencies in the program. It is not necessary to sign up.

Which Water Agencies participate in the Six-Month Savings Program?

At this time, Blue Ridge Rural Water Company, Town of Pelzer and West Pelzer and Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission are unable to offer the Six-Month Savings Program to their ReWa customers. For Greer Commission of Public Works customers, the Six-Month Savings Program sets a maximum of 7,000 gallons for each ReWa customer’s sewer portion of their bill.  All other water agencies with ReWa accounts participate in the Six-Month Savings Program.

Which customers are eligible for the Six-Month Savings Program?

Only residential customers are eligible to participate. Commercial accounts receive a 5% reduction in volume charges because they generally use the same amount of water throughout the year, and are therefore ineligible for the Six-Month Savings Program.

How does the program help me save?

The best way to save money on your wastewater treatment bill is to only use water for filling swimming pools, irrigation and other outside purposes during your designated six-month savings period.

When does the Six-Month Savings Program take effect?

The program will be in effect beginning after the customer’s meter read date in April, and the program will end with the customer’s meter read date in October.

Note: Residential customers who use large quantities of outside water year round should consider installing an irrigation water meter. Water passing through this second meter will not be charged for wastewater treatment.

For more information about the Six-Month Savings Program, please call Customer Service at 864-299-4000.