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Capacity Limited and Restricted Areas

As with any sewer utility there may be areas within the service territory or sewer infrastructure which may have limited capacity to accommodate future development.

ReWa is continually monitoring and evaluating our service area to identify locations that are considered to be problem areas for future service capacity. ReWa has broadly identified areas of our interceptor sewer system with more regionally impacted capacity limitations as shown on the attached map. Developers should be aware that a request for new service in these areas might have extended review times, or the review might be held up or even denied because of interceptor capacity limitations. There are two classifications ReWa uses to identify these broadly identified problem areas:

Capacity Limited Area – These areas have been identified as locations of limited available interceptor capacity. Proposed developments in this area may experience delayed capacity review times while ReWa engineering staff looks at the impact the development will have on the current sewer system. Capacity in these areas is currently not being denied, however such may occur depending upon the size and location of the proposed new development.

Capacity Restricted Area – These areas have been identified as being interceptor capacity restricted due to reoccurring overflows that are caused by excessive wet weather inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the sewer collection system. ReWa is working with the Satellite Sewer Agencies in these areas to remove excess I&I from their collection system so growth may continue to occur. Developments may be approved in these areas using a “checkbook” method if the Satellites Sewer Agency documents a reduction of I&I in their system that is equal to or greater than the amount of flow that will be coming from the proposed development. Capacity approvals in these areas might be held or denied until ReWa reviews and approves the Satellite Sewer Agency efforts to quantify an actual I&I reduction from rehabilitation efforts accomplished within their collection system.

ReWa strongly encourages developers to first contact Development Services at 864-299-4000 Ext. 288 or email to discuss their project prior to investing time or money towards any development within the identified problem areas on the attached map.