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Regulatory Documents

State and federal laws require that industries contributing wastewater to publicly owned WRRF be monitored closely. Industrial waste like all types of waste, may damage the environment if not properly treated. ReWa’s Pretreatment Department permits and inspects more than 100 industries in the Greenville area. These industries are excellent neighbors and friends of the environment. ReWa is proud to serve these industries and the community.

For a copy of the Sewer Use Regulation, please see the documents above. If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please call the Pretreatment Department at (864) 299-4000 ext. 222.

Below is the link for the Wastewater Discharge Permit Application. This is a 23 page document that may require some direction from ReWa. Please call the ReWa Pretreatment Program office at (864) 299-4000 ext. 222 and ask for a Pretreatment Program Industrial Inspector for assistance.

Print the Wastewater Permit Application