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Vendor Registration

Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) is excited to launch its e-procurement system, PlanetBids a fully automated web-based vendor registration and bid management portal.

All ReWa solicitations will be conducted through the online portal hosted by PlanetBids System (PB SystemTM). This portal consolidates vendor registration for suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and representatives (collectively, vendors) interested in providing goods and/or services, construction services, and consultant services to ReWa.

The PB System will enhance the overall ReWa procurement experience!

PlanetBids provides the following key features and benefits free of charge so that vendors may:

  1. Maintain a self-managed online vendor profile
  2. Search and download current solicitation documents such as attachments, potential bidders, addenda, and procurement results such as bid tabulations and awards
  3. Receive automatic email notifications for solicitations based on product/service categories (commodity codes) selected by the vendor
  4. Receive automatic addenda notification(s)
  5. Ask questions about a solicitation and receive answers (Q&A) online

Access to PlanetBids

If you have any questions about registering online, please contact the Technical Support personnel by clicking the Help link or by contacting PlanetBids at

For questions and concerns, see the Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions regarding PlanetBids please contact: (818) 992-1771 x 0 or (888) 614-2437