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Purchasing Information

Vendor Application

Vendor Application

Company Name *
Legal Name *
Type of Business *

If "Other", please specify:

Primary Address *

(Address, City, State and Zip)

Remit to if Different from Primary

(Address, City, State and Zip)

Owner Name(s) / Principal Officer(s) *
Email for Purchase Order Communication *

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Accounts Receivable Email Address *

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Federal ID # *
Signed W9 Attachment *

Click Here to download a W-9 form. Remember to save the downloaded W-9 form on your local computer. Print and sign it before attaching.

Select the file on your computer and then click the blue button below to upload the selected file to our server.
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Year Business Opened
Phone Number *

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Fax Number
Woman-Owned Business?
Minority Business?

(If yes, please attach the Certification Certificate.)

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Current Size of Business?
Extent of E-Commerce Involvement?
Commodity that best describes the offered goods and/or services *

Please refer to this page to copy and paste the appropriate commodity.

Brand/Types of Services

(Descriptive Literature Is Invited.)

Is the vendor a distributor? *
If yes, for whom?
Sales tax rate applied to invoice

(If multiple rates used, please list rates and indicate when applicable.)

ReWa’s typical payment terms are Net 30

(Please indicate payment terms if different than Net 30. ReWa reserves the right to negotiate the final payment terms applicable to particular purchases.)

Compliance with Title 8, Chapter 14, Pursuant to Section 8-14-60 *

If the business for which you are registering is for services (not goods) worth more than $15,000 annually, then Section 8-14-20(B) of the S.C Illegal Immigration Reform Act bars ReWa from doing business with you unless you:

(1) register and participate in the federal E-Verify program and require all of your subcontractors to do the same; or (2) employ only workers who have, or who are eligible to have, valid S.C. driver's licenses or ID cards issued by the state DMV, or who possess a valid driver's license or ID card from another state where the license requirements are at least as strict as those in SC.

Do you certify you will comply with one of these provisions if you are awarded such a services contract?

Compliance with Title 12, Chapter 8, Section 12-8-550 of the South Carolina Code of Laws *

If the business for which you are registering will be providing services, or goods and services, (as opposed to solely goods) worth more than $10,000 annually, the Section 12-8-550 of the S.C. Code on Income Tax Withholding requires you to:

Warrant that your company in incorporated or formed under the laws of the State of South Carolina for purposed of S.C. Code Ann. § 12-8-550.
Have registered with the Secretary of State or the Department of Revenue and by that registration has agreed to be subject to the jurisdiction of the department and the courts of this State to determine its South Carolina tax liability, including withholding and estimated taxes, together with any related interest and penalties. If this provision is used, your business must assure payment to the South Carolina Tax Commission by posting an acceptable bond in the sum of two percent of the total contract in lieu of the withholding.
N/A if the business for which you are registering will be providing services worth less than $10,000 annually, or goods and services worth less than $10,000 annually, or solely goods regardless of the expected contract worth.

Vendor agrees to ReWa’s PO terms & conditions upon submittal of this application.

ReWa Personnel Policies and Procedures

ReWa expects the highest standard of honesty and integrity from all its vendors, advisors, agents, and consultants in accordance with the S.C. State Ethics Act. Any questions a vendor, advisor, agent or consultant may have about the application of this policy should be directed to the Purchasing Department.