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ReWa Ultra?

Posted July 27, 2015 in Articles

Renewable Water Resources won’t be brewing its own beer any time soon, (Though ReWa Ultra has a nice sound to it) but we did find this story on NPR earlier this year. Yes, some people are using treated wastewater to brew craft beer. From the story:

“Just when we thought craft beer couldn’t get any zanier, we learn that Oregonians want to make it with treated wastewater.

Clean Water Services of Hillsboro says it has an advanced treatment process that can turn sewage into drinking water. The company, which runs four wastewater treatment plants in the Portland metro area, wants to show off its “high-purity” system by turning recycled wastewater into beer.

Clean Water Services has asked the state for permission to give its water to a group of home brewers. The Oregon Brew Crew would make small batches of beer to be served at events – not sold at a brewery.

But as of now, the state of Oregon doesn’t technically allow anyone to drink wastewater, no matter how pure it is.

The Oregon Health Authority has approved the company’s request for the beer project. But the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission will also have to sign off on it before anyone serves a beer made from recycled sewage.”

We at ReWa are proud of our water treatment facilities, but we will leave the beer to the Upstate breweries already in place.