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ReWa’s dedication to providing clean water

Posted July 11, 2017 in Articles

We at Renewable Water Resources believe that when you turn on the tap, the only thing you should see is an uninterrupted flow of clean, refreshing water, and it’s our daily mission to ensure that this is the case.

Greenvillians can take their tap water for granted, but that’s not true everywhere in the Palmetto State. Again this spring, Anderson residents are facing what WSPA described in a recent report as an annual problem: discolored, smelly water caused by springtime algae blooms in Lake Hartwell, the water supply for the Anderson Regional Joint Water System.

In Columbia, WIS-TV has devoted an entire page of its website to stories it has run about the capital city’s water woes, including a June report stating that the city’s water department has received 50,000 water-customer billing complaints in a five-year period.

It’s important to note that officials in both Anderson and Columbia are working to fix those problems. In Anderson, a new water-treatment facility is expected to be operational by next summer. When it is up and running, the new facility is expected to bring relief, in the form of clean, clear water, to as many as 200,000 customers.

In Columbia, officials plan to address billing issues by installing as many as 140,000 new meters by the end of 2020, at a cost of $49 million. City officials say the new meters will not only ensure more-accurate readings, but will also be a money-saver for the city.

Our goal at ReWa is to continue to work pro-actively, not reactively, to ensure that our customers enjoy clean, affordable water. We know the water that comes out of your tap directly affects your life, and we will always work to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all our customers.