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The Big Tent Event

Posted November 21, 2017 in Articles

Earlier this week, ReWa officials along with members of 25 local governments, conservation groups and public utilities took part in the Reedy River Water Quality Group’s (RRWQG) “Big Tent” event.

The RRWQG’s mission is to protect, preserve and improve water quality in the Reedy River. To do this, they’ve gathered local city and county agencies, homeowners groups, conservation groups, and area citizens to work together toward reducing the amount of nutrients flowing into the river, which is the main waterway in Greenville County.

Here are five quick facts about the group and what they hope to accomplish:

  • The RRWQG has created a structure and a climate which encourages and furthers collaboration among the many watershed stakeholders:  government agencies, businesses, environmental groups, associations and citizens.  The collaboration on water quality in the watershed is really remarkable and makes it possible to achieve improvements that other watershed is unable to.
  • In 2017, the executive sponsors have provided resources to stakeholders to extend water quality monitoring, and have executed joint stormwater projects to improve the environment.
  • The executive sponsors support a study of the economic impact of water quality and the value of the watershed.  This is one of the first studies of its kind in the region—even the country—and will help residents understand how investing in water quality results not just in quality of life benefits, but also economic benefits.
  • The health of the river has improved over the past decade, and it is important to highlight the improvements and to continue the commitment to an even cleaner river.
  • Regulators from the State of South Carolina and from the USEPA, who have praised the Reedy River Water Quality Group for creating a collaborative environment where diverse stakeholders can work together toward the same goal to protect, preserve, and improve water quality in the Reedy River.


All of this aligns with ReWa’s Mission of “Enhancing our community’s quality of life by transforming wastewater into renewable resources through responsible and innovative solutions.”  The new vision statement is: “Through the passion of our workforce, ReWa will be a community partner and an industry leader safeguarding our water environment for future generations.”