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The Value of Project Rx

Posted April 29, 2016 in Articles

Keeping prescription and over-the-counter medications out of the environment is an important way to prevent pollution and protect our critical natural resources. After being flushed or poured down a drain, many medications pass through sewer and septic systems. Because these systems can’t always treat or remove all of the medications, they may end up in streams, lakes and groundwater. This can cause adverse effects in fish and other aquatic wildlife as well as unintentional human exposure to chemicals.

Closer to home, there are other reasons to properly dispose of the unwanted medications and keep them out of the wrong hands.   Keeping medications after they have expired or are no longer needed creates an unnecessary health risk, especially in places where children are present.  Containers that claim to be child-resistant can still be dangerous to children as one study found that 45 percent of child exposure cases involved medicines stored in “child-resistant” containers.

You can make a difference, save lives, and help keep waterways and landfills less polluted by getting rid of old or unwanted medications properly through Project Rx.

Project Rx is a drug take-back program sponsored by ReWa that began in 2010 in collaboration with several Upstate organizations. Project Rx is about protecting our rivers and our residents by properly disposing of medicine, whether for environmental protection, pharmaceutical education or drug abuse prevention.

Its success relies on participation by the public to bring old and unwanted medications to designated locations for disposal. The process is simple, offered at no charge and with no questions asked. That means anyone can drop off any kind of medication and the event organizers won’t question the drug or where it came from.  Project Rx is an enormous public safety benefit from our community partners to our community members.

Learn more about Project Rx at