We Keep Water Clean. We Keep Quality of Life Strong.

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At ReWa, we see our job as enhancing the quality of life for our communities by transforming wastewater into a clean, fresh, renewable resource.

Water is simply one of those things we can’t live without. Through sustainable, responsible and innovative methods, ReWa is able to provide our region with an abundance of pure water that replenishes our waterways and strengthens our community.

We’ve been helping to move our communities forward since 1925. Yet today, more than ever, there is a clear call for sustainability and environmental responsibility. ReWa anticipated that call and is prepared for it. Indeed, we continue to upgrade and improve our infrastructure so that the future remains as primed as our present.

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Who We Are

We're dedicated to preserving, protecting and purifying our region's surrounding waterways and wastewater infrastructure.

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Industrial and commercial waste, like all types of waste, can seriously damage the environment if not treated or properly disposed.

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We’ve been replenishing the lakes, streams and rivers of Upstate South Carolina since 1925.

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Water is a resource we all share. While we work every day to purify, monitor and maintain that resource, it takes all of us to keep our rivers, lakes and streams healthy for generations to come.

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We’re Here to Help

In case of a sewer-related emergency, please dial 864-299-4004.

Main Line # - 864-299-4000

Click below for a full list of our hours & locations.

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At ReWa, we can’t wait. We’re constantly looking for ways to move forward, challenge the status quo and push for a better future.

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