Strategic Plan

Thinking About the Next Five Years … and Beyond

Greenville is growing at an unprecedented rate and we work hard to ensure the region is ready for that growth. Named a Utility of the Future by National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), we’re committed to enhancing our area’s quality of life through the quality of our waterways.

With our strategic plan, we’ve outline clear, intentional goals to ensure our facilities are operating at an unmatched level of excellence for next the five years and beyond.

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Major Projects

Dig Greenville

Re Wa Web CI Dig

Greenville has been recognized as the fourth-fastest growing city in the nation, a top ten travel destination and one of the best places to live. There’s a lot of opportunity and growth happening in Greenville and we play an important role in that.

Dig Greenville, ReWa’s largest wastewater conveyance project, will feature a gravity sewer tunnel approximately 100 feet below ground, 11 feet in diameter, more than one mile long and is designed to address some of our area’s wastewater capacity needs for the foreseeable future. This tunnel and all that comes with it — including a sewer pipe that will be seven feet in diameter — will safely and efficiently revitalize our wastewater infrastructure in our growing community for future generations.

That’s thinking ahead. That’s smart economic growth.

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Water Discovery Lab

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Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility offers a community gathering space, interactive modules on the importance of wastewater infrastructure and a unique look at the rich history of ReWa. The design of the laboratory features glass walls which provide a unique educational opportunity by allowing visitors to see the staff in action.

We welcome students, local officials and community members to take a tour of the ReWa facilities and discover just how much of an impact wastewater infrastructure has on shaping quality of life in our community.

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Other Projects

Basin Planning

Re Wa Web CI Basin Plan

By collaborating with subdistricts, counties and other local groups, we’re able to identify and plan for future growth areas. We annually update our master plan by reviewing hydraulic models developed for the collection system.

During 2019, ReWa aided Greenville County in updating the area’s comprehensive plan, which helped further inform ReWa on growth needs within Greenville County. We determine our potential growth projections by using hydraulic models to predict and plan for capacity needs and capital expenditure projects over the next 20 years.

Wet Weather

Re Wa Web CI Flow Monitoring

In the summer of 2018, we implemented an expanded effort, referred to as the Wet Weather Program, to monitor, quantify and plan for the work that's required to maintain adequate capacity in the regional sewer system and to eliminate wet weather-related sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

This program supports the economic vitality of our region through effective partnerships with our sewer sub-districts and regulators. To support an increased level of understanding of the impact of inflow and infiltration (I&I), ReWa doubled the number of flow meters (144) installed throughout the sewer collection system. The initial assessment of the Mauldin Road WRRF has been completed and Pelham Road WRRF is planned to be completed by the end of 2020. The assessment of all the other WRRF basins is underway with projected completion by the end of 2021.

Force Main Assessment

Re Wa CI Force Main Assessment

Force Mains carry wastewater from lower to higher elevations to treatment facilities. Developed with key criteria and associated weighting, the Force Main Assessment Program utilizes a risk-based scoring system to identify at-risk Force Mains and aid staff in prioritizing and ranking ReWa Force Main infrastructure.

Pump Stations


We’re constantly assessing our organization to promote efficient operations, innovative planning and proactive maintenance. That’s why we installed a mission box on every pump station with pump run time data and start data.

There are currently multiple pump station elimination projects in the works.