The Upstate is advancing at an unprecedented rate and we work hard to ensure the region is ready for that growth. We continually monitor and evaluate our service area to identify locations that have wastewater capacity limitations.

Map of Capacity Limited and Restricted Areas

We use two classifications to identify these areas:

Proposed developments in areas with limited capacity may experience delayed capacity review times while our engineering staff looks at the impact the potential development would have on the current sewer system.

Capacity in these areas is currently not being denied, however such may occur depending upon the size and location of the proposed new development.

These areas are identified as restricted due to reoccurring overflows caused by excessive wet weather inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the sewer system. Developments are approved in restricted capacity areas using a “checkbook” method.

Capacity approvals in these areas might be held or denied until we review and approve the Satellite Sewer Agency efforts to measure an actual I&I reduction.