The Updates and Paperwork You'll Need

ReWa serves residents in Greenville County and portions of Anderson, Laurens, Pickens and Spartanburg counties with nine water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) and more than 300 miles of collection lines. ReWa’s Development Manual provides the standards and procedures for planning, design and construction of new sewer conveyance infrastructure to be owned, operated and maintained by ReWa.

ReWa Development Manual

For new development, service availability, and general development questions, contact us at

CAD Resources

ReWa's CAD design standards shall be used to complement the requirements set forth by all applicable federal, state and local requirements. In instances where information between separate guidelines conflict, the more stringent guideline will prevail. For more information on our standards, please review the ReWa Development Manual

Download CAD Standards

Lateral Services & Public Main Extensions

Lateral Services
Public Main Extensions

Please send completed forms, flow calculations (based on SCDHEC r.61-67) and a map detailing the proposed connection point to ReWa Development Services at

Agency Review Fees

Public Main Extension Review Fee

To process a request for flow acceptance, we require a full package along with a plan review fee (by check) for all submittals. See the "ReWa Developer Review Fee Chart" to determine review fee required. 

See Public Main Extension section above for forms and process requirements.

The Capacity Request Fee (Step 1) will be required for each complete plan submittal prior to Engineering review. Incomplete packages will be returned to the requester.

Final Packages can be sent to:

Renewable Water Resources
Attn Development Services Coordinator
561 Mauldin Road Greenville, SC 29607

Service Lateral Review Fee

To process a service lateral request. we require a service lateral connection form signed by ReWa, the subdistrict and a $250 review fee.

Capacity-Limited Areas

The Upstate is advancing at an unprecedented rate and we work hard to ensure the region is ready for that growth. We monitor and evaluate our service area to identify locations that have wastewater capacity limitations. Proposed developments in areas with limited capacity may experience delayed capacity review times while our engineering staff looks at the impact the potential development would have on the current sewer system.

Capacity approvals in these areas might be held or denied until we review and approve the satellite sewer agency's efforts to measure and there is a reduction of inflow and infiltration (I&I). Contact to learn if your parcel or development may be impacted by capacity limitations.

Rates, Fees and Charges

We work hard to ensure our rate programs remain responsible, progressive and flexible to meet the everyday needs of our growing community.

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Affordability Program

We offer temporary financial support to qualifying customers in our service area.

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ReWa Capital Contribution Agreements

ReWa is best served long-term by constructing conveyance systems for the foreseeable future, not just evaluating developments in these watersheds as they present themselves for approval. ReWa’s Capital Contribution agreements are designed for developers to bear a portion of the cost of these capacity improvements rather than existing customers through current sewer rates. Capital Contributions are evaluated by basin and shall not exceed $2,500/EDU. An EDU, or “Equivalent Dwelling Unit” is equal to 1 single family home, or 300 gallons per day of allocated wastewater flow.

The map shown here highlights areas where we currently have a Capital Contribution identified. Note that this map is constantly updating and for the most up to date information please reach out to to see if your parcel falls within an established Capital Contribution basin.