Balancing Smart Growth and Affordability

Our rates enable us to serve over 133,000 customer accounts, more than 350 miles of pipe and nine water resource recovery facilities (WRRF). We don’t receive funds from local or state taxes, which means all our expenses are funded through a combination of user fees, state revolving loans and revenue debt.

Customer rates support our daily work in expanding the system’s capacity to meet economic demand, rehabilitate and replace aged sections of our current system and continually make system improvements to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

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We work hard to ensure our region receives the highest quality of water at the most competitive price. The charts below outline monthly fees and volume charges for each of our customers.

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An average household consumes approximately 4,000 gallons of water per month, which equates to the following monthly charge.

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The charts below outlines monthly fees and volume charges for our commercial and industrial customers.

Industrial v5

You can find more information regarding commercial and industrial regulations here.  

Commercial & Industrial Users

Our Board of Commissioners periodically review these requirements and consider modifications to existing rates. This allows us to protect our investment in water resource recovery infrastructure in consideration of ratepayer affordability.

For more information, call Customer Service at 864-299-4000.

New Account Fees

We work hard to ensure our rate programs remain responsible, progressive and flexible to meet the everyday needs of our growing community.

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6-Month Savings Program

All residential customers are automatically enrolled in our cost-effective six-month savings program. This program reduces treatment charges associated with outdoor water use since most of this usage doesn’t enter the sewer system/require wastewater treatment.

Our six-month savings period begins after meters are read in April and ends when meters are read in October.

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