Trunk and Treatment New Account Fees

The new account fee is a one-time charge implemented to cover the costs related to system capacity needs. This process helps lessen the need for existing customers to pay for system expansions entirely through increased user rates.

ReWa's new account fee is based on the size of the water meter installed (excluding irrigation and fire flow meters). Since wastewater flow is generally a direct function of water flow, the wastewater new account fee is correlated to the size of the water meter. We believe this process is equitable and administratively efficient.

New Account Fee Rate Schedule

Retail Collection New Account Fees

Retail sewer collection lines connect the customer’s service lateral to ReWa’s trunk lines. If ReWa owns and maintains the retail sewer collection lines, then new retail connections or meter upsizes will be subject to the following Retail New Account Fees.

Anderson County New Account Fees

Welcome to ReWa! If you are currently being billed by Powdersville Water, Greenville Water, Big Creek Water District, the Town of Pelzer, or the Town of West Pelzer, please continue to reach out to them regarding your bill. They can be reached at:

Powdersville Water: 864-269-5440

Greenville Water: 864-241-6000

Big Creek Water District: 864-847-4957

Town of West Pelzer: 864-947-6297

Town of Pelzer: 864-947-6231

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