Our community. Our home. Our future.

Water is a resource we all share. While we work every day to purify, monitor and maintain that resource, it takes all of us to keep our rivers, lakes and streams healthy for generations to come.

We lead a variety of educational programs in an effort to engage our community on how to best preserve and protect the waterways in our region. Because small changes to our day-to-day actions can have a profound impact on our local rivers, lakes, and streams. And on our future.


We live here too. And we play an active role in supporting our community through investing in organizations and initiatives that share our strategic vision for the future. Together, we have advanced our region and proudly established Upstate South Carolina as one of the fastest growing areas in our nation.

With the support of our partners, we continue to enhance our community, our environment and our quality of life to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Sponsorship Criteria

We are intentional in investing in organizations that align with our strategic vision. Please review our sponsorship criteria and submit a sponsorship request by clicking on the link below.