Installed in May 2021, with the help of our community partners*, the Bandalong™ Litter Trap is the first of its kind to be installed in South Carolina. This trash-trapping powerhouse collects an average of 30,000 pounds of trash per year. At the time of installation, this Bandalong was one of only 28 in the US.

After observing an immense amount of litter accumulating on the Conestee Dam and around the ReWa campus after large rain events, ReWa sought out solutions to assist them in their goal of a litter-free community. The Bandalong is designed to catch floating litter and debris in waterways, preventing it from moving further downstream. The trap does not affect the hydraulics of the waterbody, nor does it affect aquatic life or wildlife.

Initially installed in the Reedy River, the Bandalong has now been relocated to a second location with the assistance and support of Harper General Contractors’ HarperXS Division.

*Community partners that helped make this Bandalong™ possible include Harper General Contractors, KCI, Goodwyn Mills Cawood and Brown and Caldwell