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For new development, service availability, and general development questions, contact Mike Jones in the Engineering Department. There are two classifications of service that require ReWa approval – Service Lateral Connections and Public Main Extensions. A Service Lateral Connection refers to a single sewer line, typically from a repurposed building, new commercial development, or new single building. Service Laterals may connect to a Sewer Subdistrict sewer line or directly to a ReWa manhole. A Service Lateral Connection does not require permitting through SCDHEC, therefore once the capacity letter is issued by ReWa, the flow is officially allocated to the development. A Public Main Extension refers to a new collection system of sewer lines and manholes typically serving new subdivisions, apartments, townhomes, etc. The new collection system will need to be permitted through ReWa and SCDHEC. ReWa will not officially guarantee flow capacity until plans are approved (refer to Step 2 in the Public Main Extension process).  Individual Homes or buildings associated with a Public Main Extension do not go through ReWa’s Service Lateral permitting process. Click on the links below to access the forms to begin the review process.

Need assistance? Please email Kim Volek at or call 864-299-4000 Ext. 288.

Click Here to Download the SCDHEC R.61-67 Unit Contributory Loading Form.

Service Lateral

Public Main Extension